Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat | Our In-Depth Review

Is the Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat the right product for your child and family? Read our detailed review to find out more.

When buying a child’s car seat, you’re often looking for something that offers safety, functionality, comfort and of course, value for money. The Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat delivers on all of these and more. If you’re after a quick summary of the Graco Milestone, here is our breakdown:

Quick Summary


  1. One of the highest rated products in the market. 
  2. Caters to infants, toddlers and young children.
  3. Converts from a rear-facing to a forward-facing seat with ease.
  4. Unique latch attachment to ensure easy, quick and secure installation.
  5. Features a comprehensive safety mechanism.
  6. Rated highly for its level of comfort.

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Graco is an American company that has become one of the world’s most recognised companies for infant and child products, including car seats, strollers, high chairs and baby swings. 

For over 60 years, Graco has been developing practical, safe and comfortable products so it is no wonder why the Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is considered one of the best in the market.

What Are The Key Features of The Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat?

The Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat has many features, all of which contribute to its functionality, safety, dependability and comfort. Below are just a few key features we believe are absolutely noteworthy: 

  • 3-in-1 convertible car seat.
  • The Simply Safe Adjust™ 5-point Harness System ensures and easy and secure one-second attachment accompanied by an audio click cue.
  • 4-position recline.
  • Graco’s exclusive InRight latch attachment.
  • Machine washable seat cover.
  • In-built harness storage compartment when its no longer needed.
  • Cushion inserts to ensure your child is secure and comfortable.
  • Removable and adjustable cup holder.
  • Steel reinforced frame.
  • 10 year expiration date.
  • Side-impact tested and Safe Seat Engineered, ensuring your child’s safety.

Will The Graco Milestone Fit In Your Vehicle? The Specifications

While some vehicles may be a tighter fit than others, the Graco Milestone will fit most standard vehicles. In small or compact cars, installation of the Graco Milestone may leave front seat passengers with a little less legroom than normal but this is often the case with many infant and child car seats. 

With the Graco Milestone fitting most standard vehicles, this means that the car seat can be transferred between different vehicles. Read below for the Graco Milestone’s specifications.

  • Weight with base: 19.4 pounds
  • Car seat depth: 24 inches
  • Car seat width outside: 17 inches
  • Car seat height: 18.88 inches
  • Material: plastic

Will Your Child Fit The Graco Milestone Car Seat?

With the Graco Milestone there is absolutely no need to worry about any child outgrowing it as it caters to infants, toddlers and young children. The seat accommodates children weighing from 5 to 100lbs, meaning that the Graco Milestone really does grow with your child! For families with multiple young children, this is welcome news as the car seat can be adjusted to fit a newborn as well as a young child within a matter of seconds with the aid of Graco’s exclusive Simply Safe Adjust™ harness feature. 

Therefore, with the Graco Milestone you are getting 3 car seats for the price of 1. Here, we have provided the weight and height ranges for each of the car seat positions so you are able to determine if the Graco Milestone is the best seat for your child and family:

  • Rear-facing car seat with harness: for infants weighing 5-40lbs
  • Forward-facing car seat with harness: for toddlers weighing 22-65lbs
  • Belt-positioning booster: for young children weighing 30-100lbs

In terms of height, Graco states that your child’s head must be at least 1 inch below the seat’s handle. Additionally, the Simply Safe Adjust™ Harness System allows you to adjust the height of both the harness and headrest in one single motion to ensure that any child is secure. 

The 4-position recline also assists in keeping any child comfortable in either rear-facing, forward-facing or belt-positioning booster positions. Reclining positions 1 and 2 are for rear-facing modes and positions 3 and 4 are for forward-facing modes only.

Is The Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat Easy Is To Setup And Install?

The simple answer is yes, parents have noted how it is easily installed. The Graco Milestone is designed to be an easy and quick setup and installation, perfect for those families who are pressed for time and on the go. This means that the years of complex and difficult car seat installations with associated blood, sweat and tears is over!

The Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat instruction manual states that when installing the car seat the best location is one that:

  • Is recommended by your vehicle owner’s manual
  • Ensures a safe and secure installation of the car seat

It is important to note that the Graco Milestone cannot be installed in a center rear seat with a lap-only seat belt in the belt-positioning booster mode.

The Graco Milestone has inbuilt features to assist you in the installation process. One of these is the level bubble located on the side of the seat, which enables you to find the correct angle and position for swift installation.

The seat also has the unique InRight LATCH system to assist in a quick and secure installation. With the InRight LATCH system’s audio click cue alerting you once the seat is positioned and buckled in correctly, you no longer have to worry if your car seat (and your child!) is secure or not. While the Graco Milestone can be installed using both seat belts or the LATCH system, Graco recommends using the LATCH system for a more secure and better-positioned fit. 

Similar to other convertible car seats, the Graco Milestone has slightly different installation processes for each seating mode (rear-facing, forward-facing and booster). We recommend following the Graco Milestone instruction manual to ensure secure and safe setup and installation. Parents have noted how simple and easy it is to convert between seating modes for different children with the latch being easy to attach and tighten as well as the recline and head rest being easily adjustable.

How Safe Is The Graco Milestone Car Seat For Your Child?

The Graco Milestone has been designed with safety as its first priority.

  • Crash tested to surpass US safety standards.
  • Side impact tested.
  • Energy absorbing material for impact energy management.
  • Steel-reinforced car seat frame.

The 5-point harness is one of the key reasons for the Graco Milestone’s exceptional safety as it is designed to harness children weighing up to 65 pounds. This aligns with the American Academy of Pediatric’s guidelines, which suggest that in the forward-facing mode, children should be in the 5-point harness for as long as possible, up until they exceed the maximum height and weight limit for the car seat. 

Many parents have stated that one of the reasons why they chose to purchase the Graco Milestone compared to other car seats on the market was the car seat’s safety. One mother reviewing the Graco Milestone on Amazon stated that the car seat saved her son’s life after their family car flipped five times and he was left unscathed in the rear-facing mode. 

Many other parents have commented how safe, sturdy and secure the Graco Milestone is and feels while still being comfortable for their child(s). 

To ensure safe setup and installation, see below some of the items on Graco’s safe use checklist, which can be found in the Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat instruction manual:

  • Harness should be tight enough that you cannot lift the strap at the shoulder.
  • Chest clip should be level with your child’s armpit.

Optional Accessories

We know that you’re also interested in what is included in the Graco Milestone that is not included with other car seats on the market, these include the following:

  • Machine-washable seat cover.
  • In-built harness storage compartment.
  • Cushion inserts.
  • Removable and adjustable cup holder.

While this car seat does not require many additional accessories, we believe the below can further improve you and your child’s car seat experience:

This Amazon Basics Car Seat Protector is particularly helpful for keeping the back seat clean, organised and kid-friendly, leaving you with less cleaning. This nifty gadget includes holders for your child’s water bottle as well as their ipad/tablet and various other pockets and holders for snacks and toys. 

The Epltion Piddle Pad is perfect for toddlers who are potty training as it is designed to absorb moisture and liquids quickly, keeping your child’s car seat comfortable and dry. The protector is machine-washable and can also be used in strollers and carriers.

What Are The Alternative Options? The Graco 4Ever All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

The Graco Milestone is often compared to its Graco sibling, the 4Ever All-In-One Convertible Car Seat. Parents often discuss why they chose to purchase the Milestone over the 4Ever and vice versa. 

The Graco 4Ever is another highly rated car seat that has been designed for safety and comfort. Similar to the Milestone, the 4Ever provides parents and families with an adjustable car seat that transitions from a car seat for infants to a backless booster for young children. 

While the 4Ever and Milestone have many similarities, the 4Ever’s key features include the following:

  • Simply Safe Adjust Harness System.
  • Exclusive InRight Latch with an easy-to-read indicator and click cue for easy and secure installation.
  • 10 years of use.
  • For children weighing from 4-120lbs.
  • 4 different modes: rear-facing harness for infants, forward-facing harness for infants, highback booster for toddlers and a backless booster for young children
  • 6-position recline.
  • Machine-washable seat cushion.
  • 2 cup holders.

The Good: Tested and passed US safety standards, Can be converted into a backless booster, Easy to install.

The Bad: Slightly expensive, Heavy and bulky.

Final Thoughts

With everything considered, including safety, ease of installation, value for money and comfort, we highly recommend the Graco Milestone All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat. With its 3-in-1 design, the Graco Milestone caters to growing families as the seat grows with your child as well as your family. 

  • Tested and surpassed US safety standards.
  • Easy to install.
  • 3-in-1 design, providing you with years of usage and suited to different children’s needs.
  • In-built features to ensure secure and safe installation.
  • Only 2 recline settings in the rear-facing mode (as opposed to 5-6 settings with the 4Ever).
  • Back is not removable to create a backless booster.

Based on our review, you can see why many parents and families choose the Graco Milestone over its competition within the car seat market. From its unique features, including the Simply Safe Adjust™ Harness System to its design based on safety, comfort, durability and accessibility, the Graco Milestone definitely stands out.

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