The Best Dog Booster Car Seats To Keep Your Pet Safe | Which One Is The Best Travel Companion?

When you’re on your next trip on the road, you don’t want to leave your dog at home. And why should you?

They’re called your best friend for a reason, and wouldn’t leave you behind – and with the many dog booster seats available on the market, there’s no reason why you should leave them behind, either.

But, that’s the thing. There’s what seems like too many dog booster seats to buy; so where exactly do you start?

Well, we’ve got it covered for you, with a comprehensive guide of the best dog booster seats available.

A bit short on time, but want to read this at a later date? No problem. We’ve created an overview of the main points to consider when choosing the best dog booster seat for your furry friend, so you can come back later:

Best Dog Booster Car Seat Ratings (Unbiased)
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    Note: If you would like to see the best dog harness and restraints regardless of price, be sure to check out our round-up here.

    These are the top five things you’ll need to consider when purchasing a new car booster seat/ pet trailer for your dog:

    1. Size of your dog –  Many dog booster seats are designed for small to medium dogs, and for larger dogs, it can be a little pricier to find. It’s important to keep your dog’s size in mind when looking at dog booster seats.
    2. Your car’s size – When taking into account the size of your dog, it’s important to have the size of your car in mind. Smaller cars may only fit up to a certain amount, whereas vans and trucks may have a limited selection of seats to choose from.
    3. The age of your dog – This is often overlooked, but is your dog still in his puppy stage? If so, you know how energetic these puppies are, and how big they can grow; and it’s the same as older dogs, who may not require a lot of space.
    4. Price – With all things considered, prices of dog booster seats can be found across all levels, making it affordable for almost anyone, so your pet can be comfortable no matter how much you’re watching your money.
    5. Safety – Whilst they’re safe to place your dogs in, dog booster seats are not the only option when it comes to safety; make sure you pair them with a harness or seat belt for the best protection when on the road.

    List Of The Best Dog Booster Seats Reviewed With Ratings

    K&H Bucket Booster Seat (Best Seller)


    Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, K&H Pet Products have paved the way for innovative designs that also include many therapeutic benefits for your pet.

    The K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat sits on top of our list for the best of the dog booster seats currently found – but why is this the case?

    At first look, you’ll notice that the K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat is similar to a small armchair. 

    It also has a stylish design allowing your little pup to have an elevated view of the world outside of the car window.

    The K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat is available in two separate sizes, and has a total weight of 3.6lbs.
    There are many other things to love about this dog booster seat, which we discuss in depth below.


    Why We Love It

    • Available in two separate sizes; small (14.5” x 20), and Large (14.5” x 22”)
    • Fits in both the passenger and the rear seats of your vehicle
    • Cover can be removed when washing is needed
    • Includes two security leashes which are adjustable for your dog
    • Elevates your dog for a better view of the passing world outside
    • The exterior is tough and durable
    • The quilted interior provides added comfort
    • Easy to install and uninstall
    • Available in an array of colors

    Keep In Mind

    • Not to be used as the sole protection item for your dog when traveling – you must partner with a seatbelt/harness accessory
    • The tether can flip when lightly pulled – not incredibly tense if you were to suddenly stop
    • Not certified or tested for safety purposes, only as an elevated booster seat
    • Can stain your seats if left in the same position and you do not place car seat cover/blanket underneath the booster seat
    • Quite expensive – may not be the best for those watching their finances

    Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

    Across the board, the K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat is a winner. If you’re to look across the internet for reviews on this booster seat, you’ll find that many customers and pet owners have given it great reviews.

    One of the big starring factors that dog owners have discussed is the therapeutic benefits of this comfortable seat. If you have a dog which is older, or had medical issues – then the K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat provides many comforting benefits for a car ride, which can often be stressful on some dogs.

    Snoozer Lookout I


    Snoozer has an array of comfortable pet seats available for dog owners, and two of which we’ll be looking at in-depth in this guide today. But first, it’s the Snoozer Lookout Car Seat.

    Snoozer was founded in 1985 and has remained a family-owned and operated company in Greenville, South Carolina. Due to having such a passion for dogs, their enthusiasm can be shown throughout the company – from the top of the board to the products they manufacturer for you and your pets.

    The Snoozer Lookout Car Seat is one of two within the Lookout Car Seat series and features some great innovative additions that will have your dog looking both stylish and incredibly comfortable on your next road trip.Have a look below for the reasons why we love the Snoozer Lookout Car Seat, and why you probably will, too.


    Why We Love It

    • Elevated seat for better views for your dog
    • The design allows for warmth in winter, and coolness during summer
    • Sherpa lining
    • Nylon cover is quilted and also repels hair
    • The cover is removable and easy to wash
    • Fabric comes in a variety of options
    • Extra comfort for your dog, thanks to the foam form
    • Seat belt to harness strap included
    • Comfortable design is perfect for anxious and dogs prone to car sickness, thanks to its’ therapeutic benefits
    • Easy setup process
    • A universal fit across a majority of vehicles

    Keep In Mind

    • If not installed properly, the tether can become loose, creating a safety issue for your dog
    • It’s one of the pricier options of car seat bed and dog booster seats
    • Doesn’t contain a storage compartment for your pet accessories, unlike its successor
    • Isn’t to be used as a primary form of protection when taking your dog on a drive – must be partnered with a harness and/or a seatbelt
    • Cannot fit dogs larger than a miniature schnauzer – so it isn’t made for growing puppies, or dogs that are larger than this size

    Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

    As far as comfort for your dog goes, the Snoozer Lookout Car Seat is one of the most comfortable designs out on the market. Another tick for dogs who need a therapeutic helping hand, the Snoozer Lookout Car Seat is durable for all conditions and energetic dogs, allowing them to relax without much additional assistance from your end.

    If you have a small to medium-sized dogs that weigh up to 25lbs, the Snoozer Lookout Car Seat should be on your shopping list when it comes to a new comfort booster car seat for your best friend.

    Petsfit Booster Seat


    Like the name suggests, the Petsfit Dog Car Booster Seat is perfect for medium to large dogs, with dimensions of 29.5” x 16” x 14”.

    It’s one of the largest booster seats that can be found on the market, and it’s especially great in value if you have more than one dog, with it fitting two medium-sized dogs comfortably – meaning none of your furry friends will need to be left behind.

    As well as this, Petsfit have added a storage compartment within the Petsfit Dog Car Booster Seat, and with two dogs traveling – you’ll need it.

    What else is there to love about the Petsfit Dog Car Booster Seat? Find out below, where we look into this booster seat in more detail.


    Why We Love It

    • Includes two tethers
    • Spacious design with dimensions of 29.5” x 16” x 14”
    • Removable plush liner
    • Easily washable in the washing machine
    • Plush side can be used in the winter, and the other side for summer
    • Easy to install and detach from the backseat
    • Extremely comfortable for dogs
    • Comes in two colors
    • Additional storage compartments
    • Synthetic fur interior design
    • Eases anxiety and energetic dogs with its supreme comfort

    Keep In Mind

    • Does not replace a harness and/or seatbelt
    • Color option is limited
    • Does not fit in the passenger seat
    • Fabric can wear overtime
    • The bed is zipped into the top and can be split easily if large dogs are to jump on
    • Only has one looping seatbelt
    • If you have a smaller car, it may not fit into the backseat – so it’s important to first measure
    • The leash isn’t designed to secure your dog in the result of a sudden stop – also use a seatbelt

    Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

    The Petsfit Dog Car Booster Seat is a winner when it comes to having multiple dogs, and it’s easy to look online to find reviews which rave about the convenience this booster seat provides in this regard.

    Yet, it’s important to acknowledge that this booster seat isn’t to replace your normal harness and seatbelts, and should be used in conjunction with these safety supports. It’s also imperative that you advise your dogs to carefully sit upon these, as sharp nails can tear throughout the Petsfit Dog Car Booster Seat.

    Overall, it’s a great addition to your backseat – and as many pet owners have suggested, it’s a good idea to measure it beforehand, so you have the perfect fit in your car.

    PetSafe Solvit Booster


    The PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat for Dogs comes in two sizes, Standard and Deluxe – and it’s the deluxe size that we’ll be looking into in this article.

    If you’re serious about your pet and their safety, you’ll be quite familiar with PetSafe. PetSafe is exactly as their name suggests, a leading manufacturer in designing items that are specialized in keeping your best friends safe, whether it’s in the home, or when you’re taking them for a ride through the suburbs in your car.

    The brand aside, what makes the PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat for Dogs different from other boosters seats we’ve looked into within this guide? 

    Well, read on – and you’ll find the reasons as to why we love the PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat for Dogs, and why you probably will, too.


    Why We Love It

    • The PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat for Dogs is quite large, measuring 19.5” wide by 14.5” deep, at the top
    • The bottom measures 18” wide by 14” deep, and the sides measure 8” tall on each side
    • A padded and spacious interior, providing additional comfort for your dog
    • Elevates your dog up to 9” above the seat of the vehicle
    • A rigid, internal structural integrates with the seatbelt of the vehicle, providing additional support and security
    • The safety tether is tested for up to 2,000 lbs
    • The liner is both removable and washable and will keep the entire seat fresh and clean
    • This design has a quilted faux suede shell with a quilted plaid liner
    • Doesn’t trap odors

    Keep In Mind

    • Can only fit dogs up to 30 lbs – even in this largest version
    • The base is made from plastic panels, which can break easily
    • Customers have noted that the tether can sometimes be too short for their dogs
    • If the PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat for Dogs is left near a window in the sun, the plastic can melt
    • Not recommended for dogs that shed a lot – hair can be difficult to remove even when taken off and washed
    • Assembly instructions can be difficult to follow, with items often breaking when attempting to assemble
    • Pillow can be uncomfortable for older dogs, or for those dogs that struggle to get comfortable when laying down

    Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

    The customer opinions on the PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat for Dogs are mixed -Some will swear by this as a booster seat for your dog, and some will urge you to avoid.

    When it comes to the price, there isn’t much separating the Deluxe version from the Standard, which doesn’t give it the luxurious feel that many models provide when upgrading to the next version. However, if assembled properly and kept in great condition, the PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat for Dogs will provide you with many serviceable trips for you and your dog.

    As far as rankings go, the PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat for Dogs deserves its spot in the middle of the pack, with the jury still out. Have you owned this model before?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comment section at the end of this article, so other dog owners can also hear the things you like and you don’t like about the PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat for Dogs.

    Snoozer Lookout II


    The second of the Snoozer Lookout models to be reviewed by us today – which must tell you about the qualities of the brand, right?

    The Snoozer Lookout II Pet Car Seat comes in three sizes, yet, like the PetSafe Solvit, we’ll be focusing upon the one size – and this time it’s small.

    The Small Snoozer Lookout II Pet Car Seat is perfect for your smaller pups, so a Yorkshire Terrier and a Beagle would find a perfect temporary, traveling home within this car seat. 

    Yet a larger dog such as a Brittany Collie or a Chow Chow would, unfortunately, need to find another seat.

    We don’t only love the Snoozer Lookout II Pet Car Seat because of its’ compact size, however. There are many other reasons as to why you adore this pet car seat, and we’ll share them with you below.


    Why We Love It

    • Dimensions of  17” x 15”x 19”
    • Can fit up to 18lbs in size
    • An easy, five-step setup process with an inclusive setup guide
    • Comforts dogs which suffer from car sickness or anxieties
    • Fabric options are vast – so you can choose what’s best, based on your car’s interior
    • The interior of the  Snoozer Lookout II Pet Car Seat is simulated to resemble lamb’s wool
    • Includes a foam form which provides additional comfort for dogs
    • A seatbelt to harness connection strap is included, for added protection and accessory connections
    • The cover is removable, which is perfect for both washing and drying
    • Contains a plastic drawer for all your dog’s accessories
    • If your dog sheds hair easily, the quilted nylon exterior will help repel and prevent hair sticking

    Keep In Mind

    • The storage space is made up on plastic, which can bend and break easily – especially if placed in a window seat with the sun
    • Can only fit dogs up to 18lbs” – so you must have an accurate weight od your dog before purchasing
    • Is quite expensive when compared to similar models
    • Customers have claimed the form is not absorbent and can dirty quite easily
    • Strapping the Snoozer Lookout II Pet Car Seat  can be tricky, and doesn’t provide enough protection in the event of a sudden stop

    Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

    It can be argued that the Snoozer Lookout II Pet Car Seat is unfairly low on the list, however, we’ll let you debate this within the comments.

    The greatest feature of the Snoozer Lookout II Pet Car Seat is not its additional storage space when compared to it’s predecessor, but how comfortable and fitting it is for smaller dogs. The three sizes allow you to finely pick which is best for your pup – without providing too much space, but still enough to let them stretch their legs and get comfortable.

    Plus, having somewhere to store all your accessories is a bonus, isn’t it? If you have a smaller dog, the Snoozer Lookout II Pet Car Seat should be an option to look at – however, be prepared to pay some additional cash for some higher features that may not be found in alternative dog car seats.

    Pet Gear Lookout Booster


    One of the most noticeable features of the Pet Gear Lookout Booster Car Seat is that it looks so inviting, that even you’d be tempted to sit on it. Pet Gear aims to provide comfortable car seats for your dogs that allow are easy to install, requiring no tools to do so.

    This makes the overall experience much more enjoyable for both you and your dog, so you can get into the car as soon as possible, and onto the road. Pet Gear has been in the business of innovative pet industry products since 1936 – so they’re very experienced when it comes to your little pup.

    Plus, not only are they quite experienced in this regard – but their customer service is of the highest order, and they make sure to take upon all feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, onboard to create the most comfortable and safest experience your dog could have.

    There are many other features to love when it comes to the Pet Gear Lookout Booster Car Seat, and we’ll get into them below.


    Why We Love It

    • Comes in three distinct colors, Black, Charcoal and Tan
    • Completely machine washable
    • Easy to follow instructions, and can be attached to your car seat in seconds
    • Can accommodate up to two pets
    • Tethers directly connect to your pet’s harness, how’s that for safety?
    • Made of a sturdy foam and a  soft, microsuede cover
    • The plush pillow is completely removable
    • Booster seat measures 22″ x 17″ x 11.5″
    • The interior dimensions are 17.75″ x 12.5″ x 4″
    • Can hold a total weight of 25 lbs
    • For its size – it’s quite affordable, sitting mid-range when compared to other booster seats

    Keep In Mind

    • Only comes in three colors – which might be too bland for some owners
    • Some pet owners believe the seatbelt is not sturdy enough, and securing dogs into the seat itself is quite poor
    • Smart dogs can often open the strap hook, which can cause it to look into their paws and cause pain
    • Some have found the suede as a chalky material which has an odd feeling when brushed with the fingers
    • Not crash test certified, however, this is the case with a majority of dog booster seats
    • The material can be sticky on warmer days and must be washed regularly

    Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

    Reading through the comments upon any reviews of the Pet Gear Lookout Booster Car Seat, and it’s easy to see that the reviews range between a mix of both positive and negative, with a majority sitting within neutral territory.

    If your dog is smaller and you’re not often on the road with him, then this may be the seat for the both of you. Yet, if you’re often on trips, and your dog drools – this can cause some absorbency issues with the plushy material itself, which can go sticky – and under hot conditions, this does not flow well into the overall cleanliness of your car seat.

    The Pet Gear Lookout Booster Car Seat seems like a solid purchase, however, its status ranges within the middle when it comes to necessity. 

    There are plenty of other higher-quality dog booster seats available, yet the Pet Gear Lookout Booster Car Seat is also better than a lot of the market – so the decision is completely up to you.

    If you’ve purchased a Pet Gear Lookout Booster Car Seat, let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article, so our fellow readers can get a better idea of whether it’s a beneficial purchase for their dog.

    Kurgo Booster Seat


    Kurgo is a very well respected brand in the dog car seat safety industry, so you already know that you’re getting a product that not only has been bought by millions of other Americans but is also trustworthy in the eyes of the public.

    Plus, not only is the Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat built for dogs – but it’s also made for cats, meaning you can bring the whole family along, should you’d like to do so. The Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat covers two important categories of traveling in a car – and that’s a model for the front seat, and also one for the rear seat.

    You’re probably wondering, “Okay, that’s great, but what other features will my dog love about the Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat?”
    Well, we’ve covered some features that both you and your dog will enjoy.


    Why We Love It

    • Comes in six different colors
    • Dimensions of Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat are 12 x 16 x 8 inches.
    • Elevates your dog to give him prime viewing of the world outside, through the window
    • Is water-resistant
    • Easy to install, and can be installed and secured in a matter of seconds
    • Fits into both the front or back of a bucket seat
    • Includes a dog car seatbelt tether which is completely adjustable and attaches easily to any dog
    • Can fit dogs up to 20 lbs, with the booster able to support 30 lbs
    • Heavier pets can fit into the Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat and can lay down without discomfort

    Keep In Mind

    • Side panels are plastic, which can be knocked down or even torn by a curious or energetic dog
    • Strangely attached to the seatback and can take many attempts to properly correct
    • Bottom of the Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat can be uncomfortable for thinner dogs, with the cushion material quite thin
    • The straps provided are not an alternative to a harness and seatbelt – so it’s a good idea to pair the Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat with these to give your dog more protection in the event of an accident.e

    Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

    The Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat has many favorable reviews across the internet and has more positive ratings than negative – which is always a good sign. One pet owner has also claimed that it had protected and saved his smaller dog’s life, thanks to attaching to the harness during a sudden stop. 

    To prevent your dog from flying through the car during an accident or sudden stop, you must purchase additional protections such as a harness and seatbelt, so your dog is not only safe with these additions but also comfortable when riding within the Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat.

    Have you purchased the Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat before? Or maybe you’re looking at doing so, but unsure if you should?
    Leave your stories and questions in the comment section at the bottom of the article – it would be perfect to read your thoughts, and answer any concerns and queries you may have.

    Devoted Doggy Deluxe Booster


    You may not be too familiar with this brand, but as their name suggests – Devoted Doggy is all about shielding your important friends in your life, from your puppies to your older dogs.

    Devoted Doggy isn’t the largest company that create dog booster car seats within our list today, but their real qualities derive from their affordable prices, without skimping on the quality.

    Aimed with both the owner and pet in mind, the Devoted Doggy Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat is unlike many dog booster car seats which claim they’re great quality but instead are made from cheap materials that break ten minutes into your car trip.

    There are a lot of things to love about the Devoted Doggy Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat, which I’m sure you’ll agree with when you read on.


    Why We Love It

    • Ideally sized, with dimensions of 14” x 12” x 7”
    • Can hold dogs up to 20 lbs in weight
    • Allows for an easier cleanup of dog hair, which is useful for fluffier dogs
    • An adjustable strap which wraps around the headrest for anchorage
    • Slightly elevated to give your dog a better view of the world
    • Adjustable leash to clip to help your dog keep comfortable
    • A collapsible frame that is solid metal
    • A removable soft plush liner which is easily washed
    • Zipper storage pocket for additional accessories
    • Comes in two colors
    • On the more affordable end of the pricing spectrum

    Keep In Mind

    • Only for small dogs – dogs outside of these dimensions will not fit, so make sure you measure first
    • Small size may not be the best for dogs who suffer from anxieties with tighter spaces
    • Customer service can be difficult to reach, due to the size of the company
    • Dogs may not be able to lie down within the Devoted Doggy Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat due to size
    • Suitable only for cars, with trucks, vans and pickup trucks difficult to attach the headrest strap onto

    Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

    For a smaller company in the competitive market of dog booster car seats, Devoted Doggy does exactly what their mantra says -m sticking to producing affordable products with good quality, and the Devoted Doggy Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat is no exception in this regard.

    If you have a large dog, it may be best to pass over the Devoted Doggy Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat and look at a more spacious design that can hold their furry friends. 

    Yet, for smaller dogs, this is a winner – providing comfort and keeping mess to a minimum, as well as allowing for a safer trip with its’ well thought out connections to both the harness and car seat belt – that you’d have to purchase, of course.

    Cozy Boost Booster Seat


    For small and medium dogs, Stella and Bear provide some boutique products and designs for your furry friends.

    Another family-owned business, Stella and Bear are based in California and pride themselves on being a small American company.

    You’ll notice that their products are focused upon cute, aesthetically pleasing designs, yet this doesn’t mean that they’re not safe.

    The Cozy Boost Premium Quality Dog Booster Seat aims for providing more comfort than most dog booster seats available, and it’s not only the comfort which tops the list of reasons why we love this item from Stella and Bear.


    Why We Love It

    • Dimensions of 13.5” x 16.5” x 8”
    • High and durable metal frame to avoid collapsing once secured on the seat
    • Oxford black fabric is water-resistant and easily cleaned
    • The booster seat can be collapsed
    • Keeps your dog warm in Winter and cool in Summer
    • Due to size, you can add extra accessories such as  blankets and pillows to provide more comfort for your dog
    • Includes a collapsible bowl and a clip-on leash
    • Easily installed with no assembly required
    • Portions of profits go to animal rescues and no-kill shelters

    Keep In Mind

    • Not great for larger dogs, and maybe too constricting for dogs who need a bit of space to lay and stretch
    • The strap can often be too long for smaller or medium-sized dogs
    • If one area of the metal frame is broken – the entire Cozy Boost Premium Quality Dog Booster Seat is difficult to prop up
    • Sherpa lining can be completely worn through
    • Sides may often not be sturdy enough, depending on the model

    Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

    It’s difficult to find a negative review when looking at the Cozy Boost Premium Quality Dog Booster Seat, and it’s not difficult to see why this is the case. A stylish and boutique design that radiates style, at a very affordable price tag, is one of the main reasons the Cozy Boost Premium Quality Dog Booster Seat is quite popular amongst dog owners. 

    Plus, it’s easy to see the love for dogs in the descriptions of this model from Stella and Bear, unlike many bland promotions you may find with other dog booster seats. And with a portion of the proceeds going to no-kill shelters and animal rescues, you’re also doing something wonderful for the dogs you don’t own.

    What are your thoughts on the Cozy Boost Premium Quality Dog Booster Seat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

    A4Pet Lookout Booster Seat


    The A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat is one of the largest in our review, and it’s so big it could almost fit three dogs – yet we wouldn’t recommend doing so.

    The A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat is a simply designed, yet comfortable option for your furry friend to ride in the back for the car in, and sports a two-faced design which allows for constant temperature monitoring for both the hot Summer periods and the colder Winter months.

    Plus, if your dog is a little on the reserved side, you’re able to use the A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat as both a car seat and dog bed – whether it’s in your home or the car, so your dog can become familiar with it.

    Yet, it’s not only these reasons as to why we adore the A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat, as you’ll find out below.


    Why We Love It

    • Dimensions of 31” x 5” x 17” at folding size, and 29” x 16” x 14” at full size, one of the largest available
    • Maximum load of 300 lbs
    • Can fit one large dog or 2 puppies/medium-sized dogs
    • Elevated view of 6.5” above the seat
    • Can be used as both a dog bed and car seat
    • Inclusive security leash, with two seat belt loops and a sling
    • Foldable, portable and washable
    • Two-sided material, an Oxford fabric which cools, and a warm fleece
    • Easy to install, whether it’s for the car, or inside the home 
    • Two additional pockets so you can store your dog’s accessories and toys

    Keep In Mind

    • May need additional cushions/blankets, as the materials can often be thin and uncomfortable for bigger dogs
    • Not the best for larger dogs, and can cause some stability issues on dogs 100lbs+, however, this can vary from dog to dog
    • A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat will need to be secured and adjusted properly, and can often slip/slide off if not done so correctly
    • Not to be used as a sole protection item for your pet, you’ll also need a harness and seatbelt for the best protection and safety

    Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

    A majority of the reviews and customer opinions on the A4Pet Lookout Dog Booster Car Seat stem from larger dogs having a more difficult time fitting inside, yet this is one of the only negative things we could find when looking at this model.

    One of the best features in our opinion is the double-sided material, which allows for comfort all year round, regardless of the temperature. As well as this is the amount of use your dog can get from it – whether it’s its use as a dog bed, or as a car seat. 

    Paired with a harness and safety seat belt – and you’ll have a lot of trouble taking your dogs out of the car!

    List Of The Best Dog Pet Trailer Reviewed With Ratings

    Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer (Best Seller)


    To round off our review, we have the Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer. One of the oldest companies we’ve reviewed, Schwinn have been around since 1895, where they were founded in Chicago. You’d be familiar with them, as they’re a leader in American bicycles – which is what brings us to this product in particular.

    Unlike many of the dog booster seats reviewed today, the Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer assists you when you’re looking to take him out onto the road – but on your bike. It’s one of the safest options when it comes to pet trailers in the market, and we’ll look into the other reasons as to why it’s a popular choice for cyclists below.


    Why We Love It

    • Easy to assemble, with simple instruction guides
    • A folding steel frame for easy storage and setup
    • Can hold a total weight of 100lbs in the Rascal Plus, and 50 lbs in the standard Rascal
    • Internal leash attachment system included
    • Well-ventilated, perfect for all conditions
    • Rear-door allows for quick entrance and exit
    • 16” aluminum rims included
    • An internal leash is adjustable and also prevents your dog from jumping out
    • Lined with a non-slip surface for a smoother and more comfortable ride

    Keep In Mind

    • Is as good as the cyclist – so not to be used for beginners or incompetent riders
    • Sudden stops or rocky terrain can affect your dog inside of the trailer, and also cause structural damage if you haven’t properly connected and fastened the design during assembly
    • Faster speeds bring a higher risk of tipping, so you can only go slow when riding with your dog in tow
    • The back screen is not ventilated, which can be tiresome for your pup on a warmer and humid day
    • Fabric can tear quite easily if ripped, so passing branches and birds can cause damage
    • Fresh out of the box and first-time use will give a strong rubber smell, which may not be to your dog’s liking

    Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

    The Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer is designed to keep your dog safely in tow and have them venture into the outside world with you, however, you won’t be able to go at the speed you may be used to when cycling.

    If you’re a cyclist who often rides outdoors and would like to have your best friend come for the ride, then this is for you. The assembly is a straight-forward process, however, contains a lot of steps – so be patient, and make sure you’re correctly following them so you can avoid any potential injuries.

    FAQs: Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions Pet Owners Often Have About Dog Booster Seats

    1. Why is it so important to use both a harness and a safety seat belt with a dog booster seat?

      The main reason it’s incredibly important to combine all three is that it provides the most protection for your dog when you’re both on the road inside of your vehicle. 

      Dog booster seats alone do not provide adequate protection for your pup, and by using all three together, your dog can be properly secured and have the best chance of surviving should you be involved in an accident.

    2. How safe are dog booster seats?

      Like we stated earlier, dog booster seats must be paired with a harness and/or seatbelt. But, by themselves – dog boosters are safe if they are assembled properly. 

      It’s important to be aware that whilst they’ll need to be paired with a harness and/or seatbelt, dog booster seats are strapped through the vehicle’s seatbelt system and around the headrest, with many of these designs also attaching to the LATCH hooks of the car itself. 

      By following the assembly guide and maintaining the booster seats, they are safe for your dog to ride in.

    3. Why would I need a dog booster seat?

      The main reason you’d want to lie down after a day of work or sit down on the subway after a long day – it’s all about the comfort of your furry friend. Dogs, like humans, need to be made comfortable – and we’re all aware of how uncomfortable a long drive can be at the best of times.

    4. How do I choose the best dog booster seat for my cat and dog?

      This will entirely depend on the size of your dog, and how much room you have available within your car. 

      For larger dogs, the choice of dog booster seats in vehicles are limited, but not hard to find – however, these are generally more expensive than those made for smaller dogs.

      With your car in mind, it’s important to take note of the dimensions of the car dog booster seat before purchasing it, and use your common sense – for example, don’t attempt to fit a large dog booster seat/bed into a two-seater – you know it wouldn’t fit, so why bother trying?

    5. Will my dog like most car seats?

      Do you like all the seats you sit on? It all comes down to personal preference – and dogs are no different to us when it comes to this. 

      You know what your dog likes best, and what her needs are – whether you have an older dog, an anxious dog, or one who moves around a lot, it’s best to take into account your dogs personality and preferences, so you can limit distractions on the road – and also to make sure they’re at ease and safe while doing so.

    6. How many of my dogs can I fit into the one dog car booster seat?

      Depending on the dog booster seat you’re looking at, some can only accept one very small pup, whilst others can fit up o two medium-sized dogs, and three smaller, young puppies.

      For this reason, it’s important to do your research and assess your situation, taking into account the future growth of your dogs, their age – and also their personal preferences.

    7. Are dog booster seats easy to install and assemble?

      A majority of the dog booster seats available include barely any assembly processes, instead of coming out of the box, and instead need to be clipped onto, over, or through a headrest/LATCH system/seatbelt system within the vehicle.

      Some designs, such as the Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer, will include a comprehensive list os steps, due to the design being towed by a bike – and the failure to safely observe one rule can lead to your poor dog being tipped over on the road or footpath.

    8. Are dog booster seats expensive?

      Dog booster seats for your car can be found across all of the pricing spectra. This is why there are so many available, as there is one for your budget and also preference, especially if you’re looking to have this blend into your car’s interior.

      It’s important to note that a pricier option is not always the best option for your dog and your vehicle – make sure you take your measurements and also your dog’s size and tastes into account when choosing a booster seat.

    9. What exactly are therapeutic dog booster seats?

      Therapeutic dog booster seats are designed to assist your dog when traveling in the car. You may see this term used, and most commonly it’s used for dogs who suffer from anxiety, have medical conditions, or are recovering from accidents.

      Therapeutic dog booster seats usually include a soft and comforting design, as well as the ability to keep your dog warm and also cool – depending on the season. These are a great option for older dogs, as well.

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