Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat | Is It A Safe & Affordable Seat For Your Child?

The Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat is a first of its kind rear-facing car seat that has a unique adjustable stay-in-car base that converts to accommodate both infants and toddlers. However, is it the ultimate infant car seat? We take a close look at the Chicco Fit2 inside and out to help you decide if it is the right car seat for you and your child.

To help you decide, check out our quick summary below:

Chicco Fit2 Infant car seat

Quick Summary

  1. A 2-in-1 car seat that accommodates both infants and toddlers.
  2. Engineered and tested to meet or exceed Federal US Safety Standards.
  3. Designed to keep toddlers in a rear-facing position at least up until their 2nd birthday.
  4. A 6-year life span for both the car seat and base, allowing you to pass it down through the family.
  5. Designed to accommodate smaller babies, including premature babies.
  6. Includes unique features to ensure an easy and secure installation.

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Chicco is a baby products and lifestyle company that was founded by the Italian inventor, Enrico Catelli, in 1958. The company is currently a part of the Artsana Group, which provides a variety of products. Chicco is a loved and trusted company that exists within 120 countries through its design and manufacture of baby toys, nursing products, clothes, shoes, and more. 

Chicco focuses on combining quality, style, and safety in their products, while also making them accessible and practical for everyday use. The Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler car seat reflects this as it is designed to make your life easier while keeping your baby safe.

What Are The Key Features of The Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat?

The Chicco Fit2 car seat includes an impressive amount of features and accessories that contribute to its overall safety, security, durability, and comfort, including the following: 

  • Features a 2-stage base that converts from an infant position (stage 1) to a toddler position (stage 2) with a one-handed lever adjustment. This enables extended rear-facing beyond your child’s 2nd birthday.
  • 6-year expiration date.
  • Suitable for infants and toddlers weighing between 4 and 35 pounds.
  • Features belt routing and integrated belt lock-offs for installation via the vehicle seat belt.
  • Made in Italy!
  • Adjustable and removable canopy.
  • Various features that make installation easy and quick, including:
      • Recline Sure leveling foot.
      • 2 Ride Right bubble level indicators.
      • Force-multiplying SuperCinch LATCH tightener.
  • Includes adjustable features to keep your child comfortable and secure, including a 7-position headrest and a padded, easy-adjust no-rethread harness.
  • The seat pad is lined with dual-density foam cushioning for added safety and support.
  • Enclosed underside, which actively protects your vehicle seats from damage.
  • Designed for easy cleaning with Italian-made machine-washable fabrics.
  • Features removable head and body support specifically designed to accommodate small babies, including premature babies.
  • Integrated stabilizer bar, which increases surface contact between the base and vehicle seat.
  • The Chicco Fit2 is compatible with some select Chicco strollers.

Will The Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat Fit In Your Vehicle? The Specifications

  • Weight (without base): 12 pounds
  • Height: 21 inches
  • Width: 17 inches
  • Lowest harness position: 7 inches (without infant insert)
  • Highest harness position: 12.5 inches (without infant insert)

Even with the headrest fully extended, the Chicco Fit2 will fit in most standard vehicles. However, it will most likely be a bit of a squeeze in smaller or compact vehicles as it may reduce the available legroom for tall front-seat passengers.

It may also not be ideal for 3-across car seat configurations and if you plan on positioning it alongside other car seats we recommend comparing measurements prior to doing so.

In terms of weight, the Chicco Fit2 is heavier than most infant car seats, which makes extended carrying more difficult and tiresome.

Will Your Child Fit The Chicco Fit2 Car Seat?

Here we have included the exact weight, height, and age specifications for each of the Chicco Fit2’s seating modes:

  • Stage 1 (infant position): accommodates infants aged 0-12 months, between 4-35 pounds and up to 35 inches tall.
  • Stage 2 (toddler position): suitable for infants aged 9-24 months, within a 15-35-pound weight range and up to 35 inches tall.

With 2 stages of usage, it’s important to know what each stage offers. Stage 1 is the infant mode and your child can be seated in this mode up until they reach the weight and/or height limit for the Fit2. 

Stage 2, on the other hand, provides a more upright position for older babies and toddlers, keeping them comfortable as they grow. The Chicco user manual also states that your child must be able to crawl or walk to use Stage 2. However, if your child is higher on the growth charts it is likely that they will outgrow the car seat before they reach 2 years old, requiring you to purchase another car seat.

The Chicco Fit2 also includes a removable infant insert that provides head and neck support for newborns, specifically smaller babies, including premature babies. This enables you to personalize the fit of the car seat.

Various child car seat safety experts recommend that your child is seated in a rear-facing position for as long as possible, even past 2 years old. The Chicco Fit2 is specifically designed for extended rear-facing, ensuring your bigger baby or toddler isn’t feeling cramped. It is also best to research and familiarize yourself with your local state laws regarding infant car seat usage as car seat laws differ from state to state.

Is The Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat Easy Is To Setup And Install?

The Chicco Fit2 is highly rated for how simple and quick it is to set up and install thanks to its handy features that make installation a breeze. 

When installing via the LATCH system, the LATCH connectors are push-on, which are much easier to work with and connect compared to hook connectors. The Chicco Fit2 also has a one-pull center LATCH straps that trigger the force-multiplying SuperCinch system. This eliminates any difficulties you may encounter with tightening and securing the car seat.

Once you’ve successfully installed the Chicco Fit2 via the LATCH system, remember to tuck away any excess LATCH strap into the storage area located in the base in order to prevent any interference.

When installing via the vehicle seat belt system it might take a bit more time and muscle to tighten as the SuperCinch system is for LATCH installation only. However, the Chicco Fit2 features belt routing and integrated belt lock-offs to assist you in achieving a secure installation.

In terms of the level of convenience, this is where the Chicco Fit2 loses a few points as it is not compatible with all Chicco stroller models, which parents found frustrating. The Chicco Fit2 is only compatible with the following models: Bravo, Urban, Shuttle Caddy, Viaro, Activ3, Tre, Cortina CX, BravoFor2, and Cortina Together.

How Safe Is The Chicco Fit2 For Your Child?

Like other Chicco infant car seats, the Fit2 is one of the most reliable and highly rated car seats on the market for safety. The Fit2 is designed to give you peace of mind with its premium safety features, including the following:

  • A SuperCinch LATCH system with push-on connectors
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam.
  • 2 Ride Right bubble level indicators.
  • Seat belt lock-offs for vehicle seat belt installation.

The Fit2 also includes specialized safety features such as an anti-rebound bar positioned on the base, a large headrest with padded wings, and the 2-stage base that allows more comfortable rear-facing, particularly for toddlers.

With the 2-stage base that enables you to switch from an infant position to a toddler position, the Chicco Fit2 enables you to follow the recommendations of various experts, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). They recommend that children should be seated in the rear-facing mode up until they exceed the maximum weight and height limit for the infant car seat. This is the safest mode for your child.

Remember that infant no car seat is safe unless it is installed and used correctly. 

Research reveals that in the United States most child car seats are not installed correctly, meaning they are not secure or safe. The Fit2 is designed to help you achieve a proper and secure install.

Optional Accessories

The Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat is fitted with plenty of handy features, including an anti-rebound bar, infant and toddler head support as well as many features to assist with set up and installation. However, we know that that your experience with any car seat can be improved and here are a few nifty gadgets we have found:

The Chicco Fit2 infant car seat comes with a stay-in-car base, however, we recommend purchasing a second base for both emergencies and secondary vehicles. While it comes at a high price, we believe it is worth the investment as it is a great addition if you’re a family on the go who are constantly transferring between vehicles. 

This is a 2-stage base that converts from the infant position to toddler position. It also includes a Recline Sure leveling foot and two bubble level indicators to help ensure the correct vehicle seat angle and easy installation.

This is one of our favorite car seat accessories and is an absolute must-have if you have a baby or toddler. The Skip Hop portable changing mat allows you to change your child’s nappy no matter where you are, whether you’re out at the park or on a long road trip, this will become your best friend.

It is available in 5 different patterns/styles and is big enough to hold up to 4 diapers with a translucent case for baby wipes. It’s also designed to keep your child comfy as you’re changing them with the pronto pillow. Simply clip this onto your wrist or your stroller and you’re ready to go.

The Chicco KeyFit 30 is another highly rated car seat that comes from Chicco that also combines safety, quality, and style. While the Fit2 is focused on ensuring extended rear-facing for your toddler, the KeyFit 30 is specifically designed for and recommended by both neonatal nurses and child car seat safety experts for premature babies.

Here are some of the key features of the KeyFit 30:

  • FAA approved for use on an aircraft.
  • Machine-washable fabrics.
  • Recline Sure spring-loaded leveling foot.
  • 2-position carry-handle for the carrier.
  • Stay-in-car base.
  • 2 easy-to-read Ride Right bubble levels.
  • Includes removable newborn head and body support.
  • A force-multiplying SuperCinch LATCH tightener system.

The Good: Designed to accommodate premature babies, easy to install and use, and portable design.

The Bad: Bulky size, non-breathable fabric, and made in China.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we definitely recommend the Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat as it is a great choice for its adjustable features that keep growing children comfortable, easy setup and installation, and its ability to ensure extended rear-facing.

However, the Chicco Fit2 is not the most convenient infant car seat as the fabrics are not dryer-friendly, it is pricey, and it is not compatible with all Chicco strollers. Keep this in mind when making your decision.

To sum up our review, here is our pros and cons list:

  • A 2-stage base that converts from an infant position to a toddler position.
  • Ensures comfortable extended rear-facing for toddlers.
  • Fabrics are machine-washable.
  • Accommodates smaller babies, including premature babies.
  • Easy installation.
  • 6-year expiration date.
  • Chicco Fit2 fabrics are not dryer friendly, hang dry only.
  • Heavy.
  • Not compatible with all Chicco strollers and an adapter may need to be purchased for stroller usage.
  • If your child is higher on the growth charts they may outgrow the car seat before reaching 2 years old.
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