Best Dog Harnesses & Dog Seat Belts (Restraints) | The Safest To Choose From

There is nothing greater than having your dog being by your side, as they truly are a best friend to both men and women. 

Walking your dog can be great fun, but what about when you’re packing up for the holidays and going interstate?

Short on time? We’ve created a list below of the best dog harnesses and seat belts (restraints) for your convenience (best to worst). Keep reading a detailed review for each model.

Best Dog Harness

  1. EzyDog Drive Car Harness (Best Seller)
  2. Kurgo Dog Harness
  3. Mighty Paw Vehicle Harness
  4. SlowTon Dog Car Harness
  5. Lukovee Dog Safety Harness
  6. PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Harness
  7. PAWABOO Dog Harness

Best Dog Restraint (Seat Belt)

  1. Mighty Paw Safety Belt (Best Seller)
  2. Kurgo Seat Belt Tether
  3. Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Seat Belt
  4. Leash Boss Seat Belt
  5. SlowTon Dog Seat Belt
  6. Vastar Pet Seat Belt
  7. BWOGUE Pet Seat Belt

List Of The Best Dog Harnesses Reviewed With Ratings

To start off, we’ll be looking at the best dog harnesses first, followed by the best seat belt restraints.

There are many within the market, but we’ve picked the best of the list so you can have your dog riding safe when you’re looking to travel next.

If you’re reading through this and find we’ve missed a favorite dog harness of yours, please let us know what this is in the comments at the bottom of the article, as well as your reasons why it’s your favorite.

1. EzyDog Drive Car Harness (Best Seller)


The EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness is at the top of our list when it comes to the best dog harnesses, and it’s for good reason. EzyDog creates its Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness by putting it through an incredibly difficult testing crash-testing procedure, culminating in an incredibly safe product for your dog.

The EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness is crash-tested at a NY facility which also crash-tests child car seats.

What does this mean? Well, if it passes the test for your children, then you know it’s safe for your dog, too.


Why We Love It

  • Fits three sizes of dogs, with a girth from 11” in S, to 42” in L
  • Molded chest plate is ergonomic for your dog, distributing forces across the chest in case of an accident
  • One-time fit means setup will happen once, and you won’t need to do so again
  • Aluminum alloy tri-glides are light, but also durable and incredibly strong
  • Your car seatbelt will thread through the two handles and locks in tight to the back of the harness
  • Two D-rings on the back of the harness allows you to take your dog for trips out of the car

Keep In Mind

  • Can be quite expensive, which may be a drawback for those who are watching their budget
  • Will take some time to wear in and can be quite bulky and stiff for some dogs
  • Molded plate can trap heat in with no breathability, which can be an issue if your dog is quite furry
  • The harness can sometimes attach to the seatbelt awkwardly, which can cause issues for larger dogs, such as German Shepards
  • The magnetic lock can weaken over time – some earlier than others

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

The EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness is one of the safest harnesses that you can purchase, which is easy to see when you read through other customer reviews.

A crash-tested and certified harness allows your canine passengers to have the same protection as your family, and after all – that’s exactly what they are.

2. Kurgo Dog Harness


Kurgo uses the Calspan, Buffalo crash testing facility to provide your dog with a safer experience when traveling in the back seat of your car. They provide a certified harness, which is why we’ve chosen this as the second in our list.

This crash test facility also overlooks child restraint systems, which is why we’ve chosen this second also. If it’s right to test for children, then it’s rest to test by your dogs, don’t you think?

Kurgo has also supplied a harness that you can double up as an everyday harness with, allowing you to get the best of both worlds – whether it’s in the car, or it’s outside.

Kurgo has a brilliant record when it comes to manufacturing products for your pets, which is why they’re also supplying a hassle-free Kurgo Lifetime, which assists against any manufacturer defects that may, (and more than likely won’t), occur during this time.


Why We Love It

  • An intense NY car seat crash-testing facility certifies the Kurgo Dog Harness – knowing they’re safe for your dog
  • Choose between two different colors and up to five separate sized
  • Five-point adjustments, allowing for safety for your dog, no matter their size
  • Certified for crash testing for up to 75 lbs, and for vehicles traveling up to a speed of 30mph
  • Padded chest plate with strong nestling buckles
  • Universal seatbelt loop will fit any vehicles
  • Will fit a size range from 12” to 44” in chest size from the small to large size
  • Quick installation that can easily be set up and uninstalled

Keep In Mind

  • It may be crash-tested, but only for dogs weighing 75lbs and cars traveling up to 30mph – which renders it null and void for dogs outside of those measurements
  • Furry dogs can often be in discomfort due to placement of the harness
  • Some customers suggest the inclusive leash is not the best for everyday walking
  • The material can be easily chewed through, so many dog owners have had to purchase additional harness tethers

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

If you’re looking to walk your dog using the Kurgo Dog Harness, perhaps use your own leash – however, this should not detract from the quality in safety that it’ll provide your dog with.

For smaller dogs fitting inside of the crash testing facility requirements, you can have peace of mind knowing it’ll be a safe option for your dog.

3. Mighty Paw Vehicle Harness


MightyPaw has many variations of safety harnesses, which are all perfect in their own right for your dog. Yet, none of them is as perfect as the Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness.

They believe that traveling with your pet brings you some of the greatest joys in life, and this is something we all can agree upon, right? Mighty Paw created by those who are passionate about dogs, so their products ooze qualities that you only synonymize with this passion.

Best of all, they’re a family-owned business – and these are the businesses you feel like you should best support.


Why We Love It

  • Four separate types of sizes, from Small (12”) to X-Large (35”)
  • Can also be used as an everyday harness
  • Reflective stitching is woven onto the harness, giving awareness when you and your dog are out
  • Quality material made from metal, allowing durability and safety not seen in other products
  • Lightweight padding means your dog will be able to breathe, whatever the conditions
  • Holds 4 Tri-Glide attachments which can fit your dog – even when they’re growing
  • Will lock your dogs inside the car when traveling at high speeds, with one customer stating it saved his dog life when his German Shepard leapt out of his truck, being saved by the harness

Keep In Mind

  • Customers have suggested that the harnesses can be a little roomy for your dogs, especially if they’re smaller
  • You’ll need to purchase another item to effectively attach this to the harness and car
  • If your dog is a chewer, they can make short work of tearing through the straps
  • The design can cause issues where it’ll be very bulky for your dog to be comfortable in
  • Swivel is only on one end – and for energetic dogs, they are able to contort themselves so the latch can unlatch itself

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

Effectively, you will need additional items if you’re to strap your dog in the car, however, the harness itself is safe and locks into gear properly, reducing the risk of injury during a collision. Keep an eye on your dog’s measurements and make sure you have these correct before purchasing the Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness.

4. SlowTon Dog Car Harness


If you’re serious about your dog care, you would have already heard of SlowTon. Compared to many other brands we’ve looked into and will cover in this guide, SlowTon has only been in the market since 2017.

Not only do they manufacturer products, but they also aim to do so in a stylish manner, with a top design team to provide a quality that is unmatched in many of their products, fitting an array of lifestyles.

This SlowTon mantra flows into the SlowTon Dog Car Harness Plus Connector Strap, which aims to provide a well made and safe design for your dog, no matter their size.


Why We Love It

  • A double-mesh harness strap allows your dog to breath freely through the harness, absorbing sweat and feeling light.
  • An elastic seat belt is safe and reliable, created with a strong nylon strap
  • The chest vest is adjustable, so your dog can lie down and also sit up against the window of the car
  • Four-button strap is easily adjusted to fit your dog of any size
  • Six sizes to choose from, (XXX-small, XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium and Large)
  • Adjustable seat belt is quite lengthy, which suits a variety of small and larger vehicles
  • Two buckle chest allows your dog to be strapped in easily, without having to step or jump into the harness

Keep In Mind

  • Six sizes only fit dogs with a chest girth of 11” – 37” total, and a neck girth of 8.6” – 31”
  • Daily use can wear down harness, with the stitching often giving out in some customer situations
  • Sizes can not always be accurate, with many of the sizes being too loose for dogs
  • Diagonal splits are common, with the manufacturer favoring a sewing method of one way, which is prone to tearing
  • Some dog owners have claimed that the tether is too long for their dogs when they’re sitting or even laying down in the car
  • Not friendly to dogs who chew whatever they’re able to get their paws on

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

The SlowTon Dog Car Harness Plus Connector Strap is a very cheap, but great alternative to many of the dog harnesses which are currently available to pet owners. Whilst stitching can seem to be a common issue, it’s best recommended for dogs who are smaller and have outgrown their chewing stage – for a very cost-effective price.

5. Lukovee Dog Safety Harness


You’ll notice reading through this article, that we’re big on saving you money whilst still keeping your best friend safe.

This is one of the main winning factors for the Lukovee Dog Safety Vest Harness With Seatbelt – as Lukovee achieves this very well.

Not only are you able to use it as a safety vest and harness for when taking your dog for car rides, yet it also doubles up as a walking harness. 

This is all done without the need for time-wasting changing, with both everyday use and car harness rolled into the one.

There are many other reasons we love the Lukovee Dog Safety Vest Harness With Seatbelt, as you’ll come to see below:


Why We Love It

  • Fits tiny puppies and small dogs in the XXX-Small, to bigger dogs in the Large size
  • Made of mesh fabric that won’t irritate your dog once you put it on
  • Elastic seat belt attachment, with a great tension to reduce the amount of jerk in the event of a collision
  • Comes in nine different colors
  • The reflective feature will notify others in darkened conditions that your dog is on board
  • Wraps around your dog’s body, rather than their neck
  • Quick-release two buckles on the chest
  • Harness strap is compatible with most standard vehicles
  • Very affordable – have we mentioned that already?

Keep In Mind

  • Not crash test certified, which can deter many people from using it
  • Budget-friendly means a simple construction, so is built for smaller trips and walks
  • Limited to the sizes it offers
  • Breathable mesh fabric is great for the heat, but contrasting weather conditions can affect its strength
  • Straps are not very heavy duty – so larger or stronger dogs may be able to pull easily, tearing the straps
  • Can be a little big for your dog if not measured properly – however, there is a measuring guide online to assist before purchasing
  • The seatbelt is not the sturdiest you can find within the market, and rough use can cause damage over time

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

A harness that is built purely for the dog owner who is watching their budget and has a small dog that isn’t too squirmish.

If your dog fits into this category then you’re best fit to purchase this for your dog – especially if you go on car trips that aren’t the longest.

6. PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Harness


PetSafe isn’t called PetSafe for no reason – they provide a great inventory filled with dog-safety related stock, from home training to pet fences, and our topic at hand – car safety dog harnesses.

The PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness is crash-tested, which is what you expect of a brand of this quality. This not only keeps your dog safe but also helps eliminates any distractions you could have when on the road.

With over 30 years in the industry, it’s also the brand you’re paying for – with the main focus of keeping your dog in safe hands.
What else do we love about the PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness? Find out below:


Why We Love It

  • Crash Test certified, through the small, medium and large sizes
  • The padded vest on the harness is not only protection for accidents but also keeps your dog cooler with a breathable liner
  • Seat belt tether attached to a safety harness on one of your vehicle’s connection points – similar to child seats and the LATCH connections
  • If your dog moves around a lot, the multiple connection points will allow him to move around more freely, rather than feeling restricted
  • Universal fit is able to be attached within almost all vehicles
  • Stress-tested up to 3000lbs of tension
  • Easy connection points allow for a quick release and easy installation within the car

Keep In Mind

  • If purchasing the X large size, this size isn’t crash-tested, unlike the other sized models
  • Crash testing doesn’t guarantee protection in an accident
  • One colour to choose from with no other variety
  • This harness has previously rubbed the public the wrong way, after an independent crash test byb the Center for Pet Safety in 2013 saw this harness fail miserably, and breaking the seems – so make sure yours is a newer model that has not been on the shelves since this time, as they have all been recalled due to the video and its claims
  • The harness can twist easily on bigger dogs

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

The brand overall is a safe choice, but this particular harness branching from Solvit through PetSafe has been tarnished since its’ testing results in 2013 through the independent crash test. It’s worthwhile noting, however – that this was six years ago, and measures have been made to strengthen the failed areas, to make safety for your pet the highest priority.

7. PAWABOO Dog Harness


Pawaboo is another manufacturer on our list that offers a wide range of affordable harnesses, and none more so than the PAWABOO Dog Safety Vest Harness. It ranges from a Small through to an X-Large size, which can fit the weight of 4.4 lbs through to 88 lbs respectively – giving you a lot of range, no matter how big or tiny your dog may be.

As well as this, the PAWABOO Dog Safety Vest Harness can be used as a harness for walking, which is useful as you can reduce the number of accessories your car is carrying. 

This especially if you’re traveling with the family and space is limited throughout the car.

The reasons we love the PAWABOO Dog Safety Vest Harness? We’ve noted some of these below:


Why We Love It

  • Fits all size dogs, from a small chest 8.30” dog, through to a 23.50” dog – that’s a lot of options to work with
  • Up to ten different colors and patterns to choose from
  • Quick to set up and remove from your dog, with no need of your dog to awkwardly manoeuvre into the harness each time they’re wearing it
  • Four adjustment points, which provide a better fit, meaning a safer experience for both your dog and you when driving
  • The chest plate is large, and also quite breathable and comfortable for dogs to wear, thanks to its sponge-like feel

Keep In Mind

  • Is not compatible for all vehicles, so it’s important you consult either the guide or PAWABOO to see if it’s able to fit your dog
  • Adjustable straps do not stick and can come loose, however, this is not common, and is something you should be doing regardless
  • Your dog may not react well to how this is put on, as the PAWABOO Dog Safety Vest Harness is put on over their heads, rather than having them step into it
  • Over time, the fabric can wear down, thanks to the polyester fabric – and some customers have advised that it often hardens when wet, which may not be great if your dog often slobbers

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

A very affordable safety vest harness, that does not compromise on safety and has many pet owners pleased with the value for money and protection for your dog the PAWABOO Dog Safety Vest Harness provides. 

Fitting a selection of different sized dogs, it’s not surprising to see this a lot higher in many lists of best dog harnesses of the year.

List Of The Best Dog Seat Belts (Restraints) Reviewed With Ratings

Now that we’ve covered all the best harnesses available for your best friend, we’ll be looking at the best seat belt restraints for dogs.

Is there a favorite that you believed we may have missed? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article, as well as your reason why it’s your favorite.

Let’s continue on, starting with the Mighty Paw Safety Belt, Dog Seat Belt.

1. Mighty Paw Safety Belt (Best Seller)


Safety is key with safety belts/dog seat belts. If that wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t be reading this article, would you?

Why is the Mighty Paw Safety Belt, Dog Seat Belt on top of the pedestal when it comes to safety belts?

It’s all in its design.

The Mighty Paw safety belt attaches directly to the LATCH bars, which are connected to the frame of your car. If you have children and attach car seats to your vehicle, you’ll be very familiar with this aspect, and also aware of how safe they are.

This creates one of the safest seat belts that you can find on the market. But what are some of the other reasons that make up this that we love about the Mighty Paw Safety Belt, Dog Seat Belt?

Find out below.


Why We Love It

  • Manufactured with nylon that is weather and drool-proof
  • Aluminum components that make up the carabiner create a max force tension of up to 881 lbs  
  • Extremely quick to fit on your dog, with installation taking a matter of seconds
  • Attaches directly to LATCH bars and the frame of the car, and detaches easily when needed
  • Restricts your dog’s movement without compromising comfort and safety
  • Easy grasp carabiner for emergency quick release
  • Length of up to 16” to 26”, this means it can fit almost all sizes of dogs
  • Great value for its money, and for the quality that you’re getting
  • Metal design won’t wear over time, unlike that of models which use plastics or plastic blend

Keep In Mind

  • Like all harnesses and safety belts that you can find, if your dog is a chewer – they can almost find their ways through anything.
  • Nylon can be damaged over time, and once this damage occurs, it can be irreversible, which may set your wallet back if unexpected.
  • The size chart has reported as being inaccurate by some dog owners, so it’s best to measure your dog beforehand, getting the next size down if you believe this is the best option
  • For larger dogs, the total length size of 26” may not be big enough

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

Put simply, this is one of the best seat belt restraints that you possibly purchase for your dog when you’re taking him on a trip in your car with you.

Not only is it safe, online reviews speak for itself, with over 83% of customers giving it a five-star rating, with some claiming that it had saved their dog’s life when they were involved in an accident, and had also prevented them from jumping out of the window.

If you value your dog’s safety, then you’ll value the Mighty Paw Safety Belt, Dog Seat Belt.

2. Kurgo Seat Belt Tether


Kurgo is a respected brand in the pet care and safety business, so it’s no surprise as to why they’re amongst the top of both the best dog harnesses and seat belt restraint lists.

There are numerous styles that Kurgo have their seatbelt tethers in, which include a zip line, tether, carabiner and swivel clip, as well as a seat belt buckle guard.

One of the premier features of the Kurgo Seatbelt Tether for Dogs is that it’s designed for dogs that are unable to sit still, and this is due to the swivel action that prevents your dog from becoming twisted when they’re fidgeting around in the backseat.


Why We Love It

  • Your dog won’t get caught in the tether, with the swivel clip providing extra mobility options to move around with
  • Includes a carabiner attachment, with a locking restraint able to hold dogs from escaping or attempting to move around when they shouldn’t. This is particularly great for larger dogs
  • The Kurgo Seatbelt Tether for Dogs will fit nearly all car you can think of, as it loops around the standard car seat belt system
  • The tether is 10” long, a perfect size for both your car and your dog
  • It can attach directly to any pet harness you may have, regardless of their brand
  • It’s easy to install, taking a matter of seconds, rather than minutes, which means more driving time for you and your furry friend

Keep In Mind

  • Is rather pricey when compared to other alternative but similar models, which can put many people off from purchasing it in the first place
  • It isn’t safety rated, certified or tested at a facility, yet this doesn’t mean there are no plans to do so in the future
  • Like most safety belts, if your dog is looking to chew through this, they’ll manage to find a way to do so – and do it successfully
  • Some customers claim that the tether is simply too short for their dogs, even for dogs who are smaller and wouldn’t normally require a complete length

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

All in all, the customer opinions on the Kurgo Seat Belt Tether for Dogs have all been quite positive, with this specific Kurgo seat belt being rated higher than many others, including the zipline – with many stating that this is the superior safety belt in comparison.

There are always improvements in the pet safety industry to be made, yet Kurgo is doing a great job at enforcing these standards for the rest of the competition.

3. Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Seat Belt


Mighty Paw offers a range of safety belts and harnesses, and one of them which sticks out very well for many intrigued dog owners, si the Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Seat Belt.

The reason this is a great dog seat belt? Well, it’s all in the name.

The Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Seat Belt is exactly that – it’s chew-proof, and that’s because it’s made from braided steel wire, rather than nylon and other fabrics which often make up the design for a safety belt, or even the straps on a harness.

This is one of the reasons we love the Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Seat Belt, as you’ll come to see in the section below:


Why We Love It

  • We said it before, and we’ll say it again. The Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Seat Belt is chew-proof, made from an ultra-strong, 2.34mm steel wire that is braided
  • This is made from five separate bundles that each contain seven wires each, that are all durable separately and together are incredibly difficult to even think of breaking
  • The Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Seat Belt connects directly to the LATCH anchors of your car – making it suitable for almost any vehicle
  • It comes in three separate sizes, so it’s perfect for a range of dogs, no matter what their size may be.
  • Due to its composition, the Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Seat Belt can handle up to 850 lbs of force if an accident were to occur

Keep In Mind

  • Due to the Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Seat Belt being made from 2.34 braided steel wire, it can be extremely rigid for your dog, which may not be perfect for the dog who looks to move around many times during a car ride
  • The Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Seat Belt is quite contrasting when it comes to the temperature of your car, and can be quite hot or even very cold
  • An accident could cause your dog to suffer whiplash, however, this is a much better result than a serious accident, or even something more sinister

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

Chew-proof safety belts offer a distinct advantage over other belts, with the main reason being that they are, well, chew proof. However, these do have their drawbacks – yet when it comes to safety, you can be assured that the Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Seat Belt will definitely protect your dog in an accident.

To see this for yourself, it’s advised that you read one of the many reviews and recommendations of dog owners claiming that this saved their pet from disaster during even the most minor of collisions.

4. Leash Boss Seat Belt


Like the Mighty Paw Chew Proof Safety Belt we looked at in-depth within the previous section, the Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint is also a no-chew car seat belt and a heavy-duty restraint at that.

The Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint also connects to the LATCH bars of your car, and this results in an incredibly tense, strong and near unbreakable restraint. 

This is perfect for your dog to protect them during an accident, should you were to be involved in one.

The Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint covers a size range of 16” and 0 lbs with small dogs, through to 36” and 80+lbs in XX-Large sized dogs.


Why We Love It

  • Five different sizes to choose between, from S, M, L, X and XX – perfect for nearly all sizes of dogs
  • Cannot be chewed through, as the car restraint is made of vinyl-coated steel rope
  • Comes with a five-year warranty from Leash Boss
  • A locking clip attaches to one of the four LATCH bars found in the car, which are located in the creases of the back seat
  • Can attach to nearly all versions of dog harnesses – to provide extra stability, support and protection for your friend when driving

Keep In Mind

  • Heavy-duty restraint that doesn’t allow too much for freedom and this can be irritating for dogs that like to move around or are quite anxious
  • Some pet owners claim that their dogs who weigh 100 lbs had easily snapped the Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint, so it’s ideal that you stay on the lower side of the 80+ lbs recommendation
  • Doesn’t work with all LATCH bars on vehicles – for this, it’s best to consult both the manufacturer, Leash Boss, and also your car manufacturer
  • The rubber coating can be eaten through by determined dogs, so for teething puppies – it may be best to wait until they’re a little older

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

Customer reviews and satisfaction across the internet are generally favored towards the Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint, which is a great indication of the safety it provides your dog when you’re driving.

Plus, it’s also very budget-friendly, and the durability quality is often not seen in restraints around this price range.

5. SlowTon Dog Seat Belt


The first 2 pack set we’re reviewing in this section, the SlowTon Dog Seat Belt, 2 Pack comes in over seven colors, and fits nearly all types of cars and SUVs.

It’s designed with a headrest restraint, so is made for all vehicles which have a headrest. This ensures the safety of your dog and allows him to sit, stand, lie down, and relax as he takes the trip with you in the backseat.

There are many reasons we love the SlowTon Dog Seat Belt 2 Pack, and we’ll have a closer look at this below:


Why We Love It

  • Firstly, it comes in a pack of two and is quite affordable. This represents a great value for money, and also provides you with a spare SlowTon Dog Seat Belt should you misplace one or your dog decides to have an early, nylon-fuelled lunch
  • Speaking of nylon, the straps on the SlowTon Dog Seat Belt are made from durable nylon
  • Features a lockable quick release buckle, which is made of all metal – so no easily breaking the plastic
  • Can be stored easily on the headrest, and can also be used every day as a leash
  • If you’re looking at using this as your dog’s new walking leash, you’ll be happy to know that it also has a reflective strip which can aid in walking at dusk/early hours of the night
  • An adjustable length, thanks to an elastic bungee on the inside of the SlowTon Dog Seat Belt, can be adjusted from a length of 20” to 27” – even stretching to a massive 32” during the maximum length
  • The circular aspect of the SlowTon Dog Seat Belt can extend from 16” to 24, so your dog can be comfortable

Keep In Mind

  • We have to say it – firstly, it’s made from nylon. Dogs and young puppies that are destructive will have a great time with this should they want to, so it may be a good reason that you have two SlowTon Dog Seat Belts
  • If your dog twists often, the SlowTon Dog Seat Belt can cause an injury to the skin – which is something that you definitely don’t want happening to your dog
  • Not to be used purely with a collar – your dog must have a harness that the SlowTon Dog Seat Belt can attach to
  • Some customers have claimed it isn’t the best fitting for smaller dogs

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

Nylon leashes have a drawback when it comes to dogs that can chew, yet this and it issues fitting smaller dogs seem to be the only problem. On some websites, over 90% of users have given the SlowTon Dog Seat Belt a five-star rating.This is a great sign that many dog owners have faith in using the SlowTon Dog Seat Belt on their dogs.

6. Vastar Pet Seat Belt


Many customers and pet owners claim that the Vastar 2 Packs Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Car Seat Belt is the best budget buy when compared to other options that can be found on the market.

When you look at what Vastar offer with both price and the features the Vastar 2 Packs Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Car Seat Belt contains, it’s not too difficult to see why this particular seat belt has been given this nickname.


Why We Love It

  • It’s a high-quality product, for an incredibly cheap price – almost illegal!
  • Made from a high quality, nylon fabric material that won’t break when in use
  • Comes in two separate colors
  • The seatbelt is hassle-free and designed to latch into your car with ease
  • Features a zinc alloy swivel swap
  • Extra backup – just in case something happens to the other
  • Metal buckles on the Vastar 2 Packs Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Car Seat Belt allow for extra durability and total lifespan

Keep In Mind

  • Made from nylon, no matter how high the quality can be – dogs will chew through anything if they put their mind to it – and of course, if they have nothing better to do
  • If your dog likes to move around a lot, many users have claimed that they find a way to unbuckle the Vastar 2 Packs Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Car Seat Belt when in use
  • Doesn’t fit all vehicles – so it’s best to consult the manufacturer of both the Vastar 2 Packs Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Car Seat Belt and your car

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

It’s cheap, does the job – yet it’s made of nylon, so beware if your dog has an issue with chewing anything he sees. Other than that, it’s quite a high-quality product once you consider the total price, and even better – comes with an extra, just for safekeeping.

7. BWOGUE Pet Seat Belt


For an incredibly cheap product that contains not one, but two – safety seat belts, you’re getting your money’s worth.

The Bworgue 2 Packs Dog Cat Safety Seat Belt Strap Car is a seatbelt, but it’s made of high-quality nylon fabric, and also combined with solid metal to provide a trio of stability, durability, and protection for when your dog is riding with you in the car.

It’s not often you get double the product without compromising another of the product, especially of this affordability.

Yet, there are many other aspects we love of the Cat Safety Seat Belt Strap Car, which we have noted below for you to read:


Why We Love It

  • We’ve said it before, but will say it again – it’s incredibly great value for money when you purchase two seat belt straps for a great price
  • The seatbelt is tangle-free, thanks to its build
  • An adjustable length means it’ll come in many different sizes and weights, from 18” to 30” in size.
  • Features a solid zinc alloy, which means quality buckles with a swivel snap for a safer travelling experience
  • Can also be used on cats, should you have one – why should you have to leave your other furry friends out of the fun of a car trip, too?
  • Can also be used as a leash for walking – so you can eliminate unnecessary accessories

Keep In Mind

  • Stitching can break easily, as well as the clip if unexpected pivots or pressure is applied
  • If attached to the headrest, your dog may become twisted if they are quite fidgety, which can be extremely harmful
  • Due to it being made of nylon, it can become quite slippery
  • Not fantastic for chewing dogs or teething puppies
  • Length adjustment has said to not work from some users
  • Strapping is not thick enough, which poses an issue for energetic dogs
  • Buckles are actually plastic coated mixed with zinc, which allows for easy breakage

Our Verdict & Customer Opinions

If you’re looking for a reliable backup for a smaller dog who does not chew, or perhaps a rather sedentary cat – this is the best option for you. It’s inexpensive and comes with two in the pack, however, it’s noteworthy that this is one of the situations where you do indeed get what you pay for.

Below are some further considerations and information that can help assist you when it comes to choosing a harness and car safety belt/restraint for your dog and vehicle.

Some further information

Note: If you would like to see the best dog booster car seats regardless of price, be sure to check out our round-up here.

If you’re one to take your furry friend with you on all trips, then you know that keeping them safe is a priority. To do so, you need a great harness and an even better seat belt restraint.

But what are the best dog harnesses and seat belt restraint in the market that provides both safety and comfort for your dog?

We’ve looked into the best dog harnesses and seat belt restraints currently on the market, so you can decide upon the best for your dog.

These are the top five things you’ll need to consider when purchasing a new harness/seat belt restraint for your dog:

  1. Your dog’s size – measuring your dog’s neck and chest girth, plus their weight is vital for finding the perfect dog harness/seat belt restraint.
  2. Is your dog a chewer – nylon straps can be chewed through easily by dogs that need to chew things, so in this case, a steel or wire seat belt may be the best option.
  3. Price – Price does not reflect quality, so it’s best to do your research.
  4. Your car – Your vehicle is important, you’ll need to confirm that a certain seat belt or restraint you’re looking at purchasing will fit in your vehicle model.
  5. Length of trips – Are you going on short, or long trips? Dogs that are very energetic or have medical conditions will require certain provisions, so it’s important to factor in the length of your trip.

FAQs: Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions Pet Owners Have About Harnesses & Seat Belts

Let’s look into some questions that are commonly asked about harnesses and seat belts that many dog owners who wish to take their pets with them are asking.

  1. What exactly is a dog harness?

    Firstly, if you can – it’s best to have your dog in both a harness and a seat belt/restraint when taking him for a ride.

    You may find, however, that your dog prefers a harness, but your second dog – she may prefer a seat belt. Dogs have their own preferences, but it works well when you’re able to combine the two, providing extra protection for your furry friend on the trip.

    A dog harness doesn’t give as much freedom as a seat belt does, yet will distribute the force across a chest pad if an accident were to occur. Harnesses provide added safety for your best friend.

    Harnesses fit over a dog by either having them step into it, or, putting it over their heads, and latching the straps at the adjustment points. Most usually, this will connect to a seat belt/restraint.

  2. What is a dog seat belt/restraint?

    Dog seat belts are similar to human seatbelts, and act in the same way, connecting to the buckle of the seat. Most commonly, these connect to a harness, allowing them a little bit of room to move around and to do so safely.

    If your dog likes to lie down and spread out on the back seat during drives, a seat belt will provide him with the chance to do so, without feeling restricted.

  3. How does size affect seat belts and harnesses?

    Size is probably the most important aspect when it comes to looking at a perfect seat belt/harness to buy for your dog.

    Not only are both the seat belt and harness made in specific sizes and for certain weights/chest and neck girth, but some are also crash-tested to a maximum limit. Once the limit is surpassed, your dog may not have the protection a smaller dog could have – or even a larger dog, should he be too small.

  4. How do I measure the size of my dog?

    You can measure him by putting him on a scale, and getting an accurate reading of his weight. Next, it’s best to measure his chest and neck girth. For this, you’ll need a tailor measuring tape.

    For your dog’s chest, you’ll need to measure the broadest part of their chest, which is located under his neck, where his body meets his legs. You’ll need to loop this around, but make sure you do so snugly, not tightly.

    For your dog’s neck, you’ll need to measure the area where his collar would normally sit. Like measuring the chest girth, it is best to make a loop around and do so snugly.

  5. What do U.S laws state regarding dog harnesses and seat belts/restraints?

    There is a specific U.S component of the Highway Code, Safety and Rule 57 which states that all dogs and other animals are suitably restrained so they don’t cause distractions while you’re driving, especially if you’re stopping quickly.

    Suitable restraints include dog cage and guards, pet carriers, and seat belts/restraints and harnesses.

  6. Where is the safest place for my dog to ride in the car?

    The safest place your dog can ride in is the rear seat of the car.

    This provides them with the most adequate protection during an accident. If, for any reason, your dog needs to ride in the passenger seat, make sure you deactivate the airbag, as this can cause serious damage if deployed.

    Think of this in a similar way you would when driving with a young child in the car.

  7. Can I hook a seatbelt up to my dog’s collar instead of a harness?

    Absolutely not!

    To do this, will cause your dog serious harm, and can even kill them. A safety belt should never be directly linked to a collar, due to the rigid, whiplash-like effect this would cause, as it jerks them back suddenly.

  8. What are LATCH anchors?

    LATCH is an acronym, which stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. A vehicle will have this within their car, and they were originally introduced in 2002 across the U.S in a bid to improve child survival rates during motor vehicle accidents.

    LATCH is designed to secure an added car seat with specialized straps onto the seat itself, attaching onto the anchor points, usually made from metal, in the vehicle. With LATCH, there are two components within this system, the lower LATCH anchors, and Tether Anchors.

  9. How do I get my dog to lie down in the car when he’s incredibly energetic and looking to chew through everything?

    This can be the most tiresome of times with your furry friends, especially within the puppy period – and if you have a labrador, for example – this period can be a never-ending period!

    A good trick to follow is to tire out your dog before a trip, so they’re spending a majority of it asleep. Of course, if they are excited by drives, this may not work – but it’s a great little hack to help you focus upon the main task at hand; driving.

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