What is the Best Car Seat to Keep Your Child Safe?

We’re an independent source committed to provide you the most accurate information on the best car seat for your child. Being a mom myself, I know it’s one of the most important decisions you ever make.

What Type Of Car Seat Should You Pick?

You’re probably asking yourself…what car seat should I be purchasing? Do I get an infant car seat…what is the best convertible car seat? We’re here to assist you to make that decision easier. It will be one of the most important decisions you have to make. Safety is paramount.

An infant car seat is designed for infants (includes up until 2 years old). They are always rear-facing and can also double as a carrier. They can be strapped directly, or placed in a base.

A convertible car seat can be used from birth until they don’t require a restraint. They can convert from rear to forward-facing positions depending on the weight and/ or age of your child.

A booster car seat is used in a forward-facing position only when your child doesn’t require a car seat. It depends on the age, height and weight of your child, and come in high-back or backless.

A travel system includes a car seat and stroller for those with an active lifestyle. Designed with compatibility in mind, they’re usually paired with infant car seats for portability.

How Do We Review Car Seats?

We’re not going to pretend we buy all the car seats and review them individually. Instead, we do extensive research into all car seats we review. We compile information from all experts in the field, as well as feedback from customers purchasing the products. That way, you get an honest and well-rounded review to make your purchasing decision simple. That has always been the goal of mine for this website – to help other moms and dads alike.

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The Car Seat Brands We Review

In order for you to make the right purchasing decision, we’ve considered many car seat brands. There are many brands for you to choose from. So much so that we’ve purposely reviewed many to prevent you from wasting your valuable time. 

In saying that, our focus at Car Safety Hub is to focus on the top-rated brands. Safety is paramount when considering such products. Which is why when we’re asked about price, you should ask yourself, What price can you place on human life?

Some brands we review include the following:

  1. Graco
  2. Britax
  3. Safety 1st
  4. UPPAbaby
  5. Any many more…

What Else Do We Love To Critique?

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Car Safety Hub Brenda Williams

Who's Behind Car Safety Hub?

Who am I? I’m the founder of Car Safety Hub, Brenda Williams. And I’m a happily married mother with 2 of the sweetest children you could imagine.

I’ve started this site to provide you the most comprehensive resource on the very best car seats you can buy. I understand this is one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure the safety of your child.

I’ve collated as much information as I can so this site will be the best resource with insightful information. So I hope I can assist you on your journey in some way. Good luck!

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